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The band Quartabê was formed in 2014 by some of the members of avant-garde composer Arrigo Barnabé’s ensemble. In a very unassuming manner, the band appeared for the first time when it was invited to participate in a festival that paid tribute to the brazilian composer Moacir Santos, having the chance to create and improvise freely on his work. The name of the group comes from “4th Grade - Class B” and it is a reference to a school class that is eager to learn the edifying lessons of their master santos, although with a hint of disobedience.

Mariá Portugal (drums), Joana Queiroz (clarinet, bass clarinet), Maria Beraldo (clarinet, bass clarinet) and Chicão (piano) have already produced two albums and an EP. The band has performed concerts at major music festivals in Brazil and has toured throughout Europe and Asia.

The band is currently touring with the concert "Lição #2: Dorival", based on the work of another master of the Brazilian music tradition: Dorival Caymmi. 




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