After 20 years working intensively as a drummer, singer, producer and composer in the city of São Paulo, Mariá Portugal prepares her album EROSÃO, her first full-authorial project, which she is currently developing as the Improviser in Residence #13 in Moers, Germany, in 2020.

In base of her song material, composed in the last 15 years and strongly rooted in the Brazilian singing/songwriting tradition, Mariá made improvisation sessions at a studio, with musicians from the prolific experimental scene of São Paulo. Now in Germany, she is manipulating and editing the audio material resultant from these improvisations, which will result in a full-length album, to be released in the beginning of 2021. The final stage of this process will be the live concert, a synthesis of all the precedent: an improvised session with electronica using the processed audio.

To summarize, EROSÃO can be divided in four stages: song material / audio material generated by improvisation / electronic manipulation / improvisation, in which one existing both the reminiscence and the oblivion of the precedent, like a rock that is built of many different layers that not just overlap, but can also modify each other through mechanical and chemical processes.

Mariá believes that metaphors of geological processes like weathering, erosion and diagenesis are also useful to grasp how memory works; how, at the same time that we are deeply built by remembrance, the capacity of forgetting is maybe memory’s most important function, and is also crucial in improvisation and creative processes in general.


Angelika Niescier (alto sax)
Filipe Nader (alto sax)
Moritz Wesp (trombone)
Carl Ludwig Hübsch (tuba)
Reza Askari (double bass)
Mariá Portugal (drums, voice, electronica)

LIVE CONCERT at Moers Festival 2020 - ARTE CONCERT.TV



Moers, DE | info@mariaportugal.com | +49 15255460364