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FRED FRITH, guitar, voice
MARIÁ PORTUGAL, drums, percussion, voice

Mariá Portugal and Fred Frith first improvised together in two concerts made in the context of Soundtrips-NRW, in 2021. But their premiére as a duo was, in fact, in Unerhört Festival in Zürich in 2022, where they played a fully improvised concert in a sold-out event. They clicked. 


Since then, Portugal and Frith have been exchanging correspondence, ideas and thoughts via email, planning their next concerts, in which they want to add songs and other composed material to their repertoire. 


Mariá Portugal and Fred Frith come from two different continents, generations, backgrounds, musical universes and territories. Nevertheless, they have a lot in common. First of all, they both have a very singular approach of the connection between composition and improvisation. Secondly, both Portugal and Frith are artists who are not constrained within boundaries of genre and style, often crossing the limits between free improvisation, rock, pop, electronica, brazilian music, folk, jazz. And both of them have a unique approach of using voice within improvisation. These affinities have become clear in their first concert together in Zürich, and promise unique forms of musical interaction in the next concerts.

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